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Plan Past the Passport: Travel Insurance from IMG

May 07, 2018


Travel season is here. Students aim to travel abroad to escape the stress of school while professionals vacation to recharge from work. Additionally, executives, missionaries, senior citizens, and others move in and out of the country year-round. For whatever reason one crosses the border, the importance of travel medical insurance cannot be overstated. The Brokerage, Inc. (TBI) provides International Medical Group (IMG) product for agents to ensure their clients are medically insured away from home.

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May 2018 Partner of the Month: Adriana Freeman

April 30, 2018

Featured Partner

We are excited to announce Adriana Freeman as our Partner of the Month for May 2018!

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TBI's Employee of the Quarter: Joel Flores

April 10, 2018

Employee of the Quarter

Our new Employee of the Quarter is Joel Flores.

Joel grew up in El Paso and moved to the DFW area to attend the University of North Texas. He graduated with a degree in Psychology which he uses quite often working in the Life Department!

Joel came to work for us in June 2016 as a member of the Life Department. His knowledge has grown to the extent that he puts on seminars and webinars and inspires our agents to grow their Life and Final Expense business.

He has excelled in digital marketing and has become a true asset to our Geek Squad. He works hard with any task assigned to him and never complains (out loud 😊). He makes work fun and seem enjoyable. He is a great guy to be around and always has the ability to make our staff laugh!

We are excited to see Joel’s future here at The Brokerage and are very proud to have him on our team!

Congratulations, Joel!

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A Look at Hybrid Long-Term Care

April 09, 2018

Life Insurance

 As Americans trend towards longer life expectancy, the need for long-term care (LTC) greatly increases. However, traditional LTC policies hold significant price increases and broach fear of "wasting" premiums if one dies without needing long-term care.

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Take "Advantage!"

March 26, 2018

Medicare Advantage

The Medicare Advantage (MA) plan offers several designed "advantages" for enrollees over individuals with traditional Medicare. Notably, beneficiaries enjoy more flexibility to make changes to their coverage.

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Introducing Superior Dental Solutions!

March 19, 2018

The Brokerage, Inc. is excited to introduce Superior Dental Solutions! This Dental & Vision insurance product was designed to have increasing benefits at a very competitive premium. SDS is available exclusively through The Brokerage, Inc.

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March 2018 Partner of the Month: Maria Reyes

March 12, 2018

Featured Partner

We are excited to announce Maria Reyes as our Partner of the Month for March 2018!  Maria is an incredibly consistent performer, and The Brokerage, Inc. is ecstatic to work with her.

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The 2018 TRS Care Enrollment Debacle: Your Pathway to New Clients

December 29, 2017

Medicare Advantage, PDP, TRS

The new TRS Care Plan for Medicare Advantage plans scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2018 may have a huge impact on your clients. Be sure to keep up with all the new information, dates, and challenges presented to your clients and applicants during the first few weeks of this transition. If you have assisted a TRS Care member or a dependent in disenrolling from the 2018 TRS Care Plan, please read this message carefully. Our office has been inundated with calls from concerned brokers like you alerting us to the fact that PDP or MAPD applications that were submitted have been cancelled. This email is to define the problem and offer a solution the problem.

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Tips for Marketing During the Holidays and Beyond

December 14, 2017


As the curtain closes on another Annual Election Period, we must turn our focus from open enrollment to marketing.  Most people are not thinking about insurance during the holidays, unless you are an insurance agent. As an agent you should always be thinking about how you can continue marketing year round.

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December Partners of the Month: Jim and Diane Kaufman

December 05, 2017

We are excited to announce Jim and Diane Kaufman as our latest Partners of the Month! Jim and Diane Kaufman have been independent agents offering Medicare products to their clients for the last 5 years – that’s 6 AEP’s!

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