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By Henry Ansah • January 28, 2019

A Reminder to Sell Superior Dental Solutions!

As an insurance agent, there’s no better feeling than being able to provide the benefits and services your clients want and need. Dental insurance remains one of the most desired products in the insurance industry, and now you have the chance to add an incredible dental & vision plan to your portfolio. Last April, The Brokerage, Inc. partnered with Renaissance Dental & Vision to create a one-of-a-kind dental plan: Superior Dental Solutions. SDS has increasing benefits, no waiting periods, and competitive premiums. Better yet, this plan is exclusive to The Brokerage, Inc. By adding SDS to your arsenal of insurance products, you’ll have the perfect dental & vision plan to offer your clients.

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Key features of SDS include:

• No waiting periods for any benefits
• Lifetime deductible - as a result, your client only has one deductible to pay for the entire life of the policy
• In addition, 100 percent coverage on all diagnostic and preventative dental services
• Level lifetime commission
• Benefit values & annual maximum benefit increase over first three years
• Implants and veneers is covered
• Over 300,000 network dental providers nationwide
• Optional vision benefit utilizes the VSP network; therefore, one of the strongest national provider networks in the country
• Generous allowance for frames, lenses, and contacts

SDS is available in Texas, Arizona, California, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin with more on the way! Click here for enrollment kits and marketing materials! 

Noteworthy, SDS is an association plan offered through the National Associated Buying Services Association (NABS Association). Clients will need to become a member of NABS to obtain the SDS plan. The membership fee is included in the plan's premium.