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By Allison Schleef • January 13, 2017

Have You Followed Up on Your Block of Business Recently? Here's a Few Reasons Why You Should:

As insurance agents, many of you have either spent years building your block of business or some of you may have just begun. Either way, you have become a trusted source of insurance in many of your client's eyes and that comes with responsibility. You have already exposed them to the consumer market and helped them navigate the treacherous land of insurance, but your job is not done yet. Whether you are a veteran of the trade or a new player, there are many reasons why you should follow up with your book of business.


Ensure Client Satisfaction: It is very important that communication with your client continues even after all the paper work is submitted. This is a relationship business, and showing your clients that you care beyond the point of sale fosters those relationships. All it takes is a few simple questions: Did your client receive their insurance cards? Are they happy with their policies now that they’re inforce? Sure, you can make a living by just selling policy-to-policy, but you can have a far more successful career as an agent by sincerely caring for your clients and showing them that you do.

The Opportunity for Cross-Selling: Cross-selling occurs in all industries. When you are ordering at McDonald’s, the cashier asks if you’d like fries with your order. When was the last time you were offended by that question? As an agent, it is your job to show your client their options. Even if they say "No, thank you", they are still thanking you for offering. They may not always ask or even want a side of fries, but the offer has been extended and their minds can always change. Following up with your block of business is one way to open the conversation to cross-sell. Let’s face it: If you don't sell them a life insurance policy, someone else will. Show your clients that you can be their One-Stop Shop for insurance. What would pair best with the policy you’ve already sold them? Life Insurance? Dental? Both? Reaching out to your clients and presenting these options ensures your clients’ insurance needs are met and your commissions continue to grow.

We have only scratched the surface of reasons as to why agents should follow up more on their block of business. Above all, it is not just the consumer who is trying to survive in the insurance world anymore. Agents everywhere are constantly being challenged to become a better producer for not only themselves, but for their block as well and following up with your business is a great start.