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By Cristin Hopkin-Bishop • May 11, 2017

How to log back into SuranceBay as a Returning User to Request a Carrier Contract

We all know how complicated the contracting process can get whether you are a new agent or a veteran of the trade. The Brokerage, Inc. has partnered with a contracting portal, SuranceBay, that has made requesting carrier contracts as easy as just a few clicks! The following steps will teach agents how to log back into SuranceBay as a returning user to request a carrier contract. If you are a new agent and do not have an account with SuranceBay yet, check out our previous blog here to learn more.

First, you will log onto and select “Get Contracted with All of Our Carriers!” (See arrow).

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One will then select “Get Contracted through SuranceBay.” (see arrow).


You will then be directed to the SuranceBay online portal. One will input their User ID and Password they created as a New User. If you forgot your password, then select password recovery and follow the steps to re-set your password.

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Now that you are logged into your portal, you will select “My Appt. Requests Get Appointed” tab to request a carrier (see arrow).


Next, click on Request Appointment (see arrow).

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Below is the carrier list to choose from. Please be aware you can only select one carrier at a time. For example, we will select Mutual of Omaha and select Contract. Then click next (see arrow).


Select the product you are requesting for your appointment. Please make note, Final Expense is found under Fixed Life. Once product is selected click next (see arrow).


Answer the questions below and once completed click submit (see arrow).


Carriers require answers to be reconfirmed every two months. One maybe led to the page below to reconfirm their answers to the background questions (see arrow).


Next one will need to read/scroll to the bottom of the contract to confirm the document. Once the blue arrow is scrolled to the very bottom, then the “Confirm” button will highlight to click (see arrow).


A box will pop up and one will select “apply my signature.” (See arrow).


Now you will be directed back to My Appointments and one can repeat the process for additional carrier requests.

The Brokerage Inc. understands how complicated the contracting process can become, but now an agent can eliminate those frustrations with paperless contracting through SuranceBay!