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By Henry Ansah • February 13, 2019

Remind Clients to "Insure Your Love" this Valentine's Day. Sell Life Insurance!

The 2019 year has gotten off to a fast start! From SEP’s to disenrollment periods, 2019 is shaping up to a fantastic year with plenty of opportunities to grow your business. As agents, we tend to focus on the immediate needs of our clients and may overlook some of their long-term needs. With the arrival of Valentine's Day, let’s all try to spread the love to our clients and our loved ones. The Brokerage, Inc. has teamed up with Life Happens, a nonprofit organization helping individuals take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance. Every year, Life Happens coordinates multiple awareness campaigns throughout the year and during the month of February their focus is to Insure Your Love.

Basic human instinct shows that we want to protect the ones we love, and one of the best ways to show this is with life insurance. The Brokerage, Inc. in part with Life Happens encourages you to reach out to your clients and prospects and let them know that the smallest to the largest gestures all constitute love, including purchasing life insurance. Click below to explore the TBI products and services that will help you connect with your clients!

Visit our Life Insurance Page

One of the best things that Life Happens offers to agents are the vast resources available. Everything from videos, email templates, flyers, logos, and social media graphics help the agent reach clients and prospects much quicker. Agents can choose from hundreds of graphics and posts which can be shared directly from the platform. With nearly one in four people worldwide using social media platforms, agents could be missing a huge opportunity if they choose not to jump on board with social media marketing.

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IYL_logo_small_colorWith Life Happens, your email marketing is taken to the next level. Whether you are looking to reach a key audience such as pre-retirees, parents to be, future home owners, or a business owner, Life Happens can personalize your message and get you set up for a phone call or meeting with a prospective client. We encourage every agent to speak to one of our representatives in our Life Department if you have any questions. Life happens: let’s make sure we protect the ones we love by insuring your love!