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By Henry Ansah • April 30, 2018

May 2018 Partner of the Month: Adriana Freeman

We are excited to announce Adriana Freeman as our Partner of the Month for May 2018!

Adriana Freeman is the owner & principal of Insure Prosperity, LLC Insurance Agency. With over 20 years of experience, Adriana works to develop independent agents, confidence in their skills and the unwavering commitment to provide valuable services to the senior community. She empowers agents with the ability to solve insurance problems so they can create financial security for the customer.

adrianaIIILicensed in 32 states, Adriana started her career in insurance with Allstate, where she was awarded "Top Sales Agent" numerous times. In 1998, she was recruited by Humana, Inc. During her employment, she was promoted to sales management for the start up of the HumanaOne IMM Telesales team in San Antonio, Texas. Adriana was honored to be entrusted with business operations such as coding and testing HTML on-line pop-up scripting, collaborating with UW team and streamlining workflows, to name a few. Adriana was recognized by Tod Zacharias, President of HumanaOne, for her contributions. Adriana's ability help with licensing, train and develop top performing sales agents in Texas did not go unnoticed as she was given an opportunity to work with her peers, training sales agent in Florida as well. 

Adriana joined UnitedHealthcare’s Independent Career Agent team in 2008 where she earned “Top Sales Agent” five out of seven years. In 2016, Adriana joined The Brokerage Inc. FMO, and in a short amount of time, she has grown the Insure Prosperity Agency team to four sub agencies: Market Health Insurance Agency, Gladys Murphy Insurance Agency, G&S Insurance Agency and EIC Agency with three offices in San Antonio and one office in Corpus Christi, Texas.

With a “service before self,” motto, Adriana strives to instill a “do no harm” approach throughout the Insure Prosperity Team.

Adriana has been married to Wayne C. Freeman for 16 years. Together they have four children, seven grandchildren and four children. Adriana majored in Network Administration & Computer Programming, studying languages Java, Visual Basics, and Cisco. She enjoys growing her own herbs, cooking, printing, photography and Tai Chi Qu Gong.

We would like to congratulate Adriana on this achievement and her continued success!