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By Kim Bouie • June 2, 2017

See How This Grassroots Dental Marketing Campaign Can Grow Your Business!

Have you ever thought about grassroots marketing as part of your business plan? A dental swarm is a great way to start! Here are some steps to follow for you to get out there today!


Office Visits

Go by dental offices that are in network of the health plan carrier. On the initial visit let the office staff know that they are in network providers for your dental plans. Set up a lunch and learn or if they are not open to that idea, go by once a week for 3 weeks and drop off doughnuts, pastries, coffee, and/or juice. The purpose of these visits and lunch and learns is to show the benefit in the office sending referrals to you as the agent. Try to keep it at $50 for lunch or $100 for larger offices. Most offices have a quarterly quota they must meet and if the office meets it the staff is incentivized. This means more money in the office staffs pockets. They send you referrals, you write the business. Win, win for everyone!


Please keep the information you provide to the dental office very short and sweet. You might talk about basic Medicare info, such as the medical and hospital coverage and the fact that Original Medicare does NOT cover dental services. The plans you are presenting do have dental services. You can help their clients with this information!

Affiliation Letter/Marketing tools

Most carriers offer several marketing tools on their agent portals. You can usually print these items right from the website. And with some carriers, especially Medicare Advantage carriers, we have agent managers available to help us with the cost of marketing materials. The Brokerage, Inc. can help you find affiliation letters, flyers, window clings, banners, and many other marketing materials that can help you be successful for these dental offices.


It’s a good idea to look for venues in the community surrounding your specific dental offices to host a meeting at and invite the dentist office to participate. When speaking to the office staff let them know that you are local in the community and host meetings in the community and when you have an enrollment you can refer them to their specific practice. Also working Primary care doctors in the area will help, all of this will come full circle. Keep in mind we are also doing Medicare made clear meetings so you can tie that into your marketing efforts as well. Food banks and Silversneakers initiatives are also available to include in your marketing efforts.

Interested in getting started with a dental swarm? Or would you like to discuss other marketing tools and campaigns that can increase your sales and block of business? Please reach out to The Brokerage, Inc.staff! We would love to help you with all of your marketing needs.  Happy selling!