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Justin Else By Justin Else • October 13, 2016

Tired of Filling out Paper Contracts? We Can Help!

Time is your most valuable commodity, so why waste it filling out paper contracts?

As much as some people in our office would like to fight it, technology is here to stay.  I am thinking about you Rod Frizzell, Director of Life Insurance.  “The internet is a fad” -Rod Frizzell

We are seeing more and more carriers attempt to mainstream their business by using online enrollment platforms.  If the carrier understands the importance of adopting an electronic enrollment process, why should the agent still fill out a contract with a pen and paper? 

Let us introduce to you, Surancebay, The Brokerage Inc’s online contracting portal.


Surancebay allows you to select the carriers you would like to be appointed with quickly, and paper free.  Once you create an account on Surancebay, “your information is stored in a secure portal that is password protected.  This information is then auto-filled into a PDF version of the contract for the carrier that you chose.”- Contracting Team

If you come across a new carrier The Brokerage Inc. offers and would like to get appointed, all that you need to do is log into your Surancebay account and request the new carrier contract.  There is no need to dig up your state license, or pull out your errors and omissions declaration page - that information is saved under your profile.  “Surancebay is an easy way to contract with most of our carriers, once you create your agent profile, you can easily select which carriers you would like to represent.” - Contracting Team

A highlight to Surancebay that often goes unnoticed is its ability to prevent mistakes or omissions from occurring that can slow down the contracting process.  The auto-filling ability of Surancebay ensures that no signature or date is missing when the contract is submitted.  These types of mistakes can prolong the entire contracting process.  “Using Surancebay means there is almost no chance to have errors when filling out a contract versus filling a contract out by pen.”  -Contracting Team

If you would like to learn more about Surancebay we have multiple instructional videos on our web page: 

Meet Laura and Ebonne from our contracting team in the video below!