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Interested in Getting Involved with the ACA? Here's What You Need to Know!

October 19, 2017


Open Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act is right around the corner! If you are considering getting involved in this line of insurance, here are some great facts for you and your clients.

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2018 Guide to the ACA Marketplace Certification

August 17, 2017


Do we need to certify for 2018 ACA? Do you wish to sell The Affordable Care Act in 2018? Then you must be certified to sell and receive commissions. There will be several different policy options for clients to choose from, both on and off exchange. You must be certified with ACA to offer on exchange plans.

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Collateral Damage of a Repeal of the ACA

February 17, 2017

ObamaCare, ACA, repeal

Few things in this world are perfect, or even nearly perfect.  The term “mixed blessing” can be nearly universally applied in most situations.  Factor in emotions heightened by personal experience or prejudice, and political leanings and PACs, add in big money at risk, and the situation becomes nearly volatile. 

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Is Health Insurance a Human Right?

With President Trump now in the White House, the big question is, what will happen to the ACA? Of course big changes come with the switching of a presidential administration. With the last three presidents serving out two full terms, the United States has only seen three presidents in the last 24 years. That gives the incumbent president eight full years to put new laws and policies into place, and seemingly the next president just days to dismantle it all. So far, President Trump has vowed to leave the pre-existing condition clause in place as he attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Some believe him, some don’t, and many are upset over the prospect of not being able to qualify for insurance without this clause. I think it begs the question: is insurance a human right?

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The Affordable Care Act Miasma

November 03, 2016

ACA, Healthcare, OEP4, Affordable Care Act

Dear Independent Health Insurance Agent,

The last four years of health insurance has been challenging, to say the least.  With the fourth open enrollment period (or OE4 as it is affectionately being called) in full swing, I have to sit back and think about how far we have come in four years, and yet how much further away we are from a real solution to delivering affordable healthcare.  After all, healthcare is what drives the premium cost, right?

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Is Your Client Getting The Best Bang For Their Buck?

The true sign of a good agent is always putting your client first. We are in this business for the client, after all. Making sure the client gets the best coverage they can afford should always be your top priority. Here are a couple of tips to make sure your client is getting the best bang for their buck when it comes to their health policy.

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Is the ACA Worth Discussing Anymore?

Seems like an easy question that could simply be answered with a yes or no answer, right? However, the answer depends on who you are: a consumer, a politician, or a health insurance agent.

The consumer must believe the Affordable Care Act is relevant. About 20 million more Americans now have health insurance than before the law was enacted in 2010. During the last enrollment period 12.7 million signed up, almost 40 percent of those being newcomers. Plus, the ACA still requires people to own a plan to avoid having to pay a penalty - a fee called the “individual shared responsibility payment.” Click here for more details on penalties on penalties.

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The Rising Popularity of Gap Plans

 Financial security is a top priority for families all over the country. Although many people plan ahead and purchase life insurance in case the primary breadwinner of the household dies, many do not consider the financial impact of a critical illness or accident on a family's finances. In 3 out of 5 cases of bankruptcy, medical bills are responsible for a family's financial crisis. Although supplemental insurance is well known amongst insurance professionals, many clients have never heard of plans that can protect them from the financial risks of a medical emergency.

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Federally Facilitated Exchanges No Longer Temporary

February 08, 2016

ObamaCare, ACA

The administration has gradually moved away from the ACA’s goal of encouraging Federally Facilitated Exchange (FFE) states to stand up their own State-based Exchanges (SBEs). The ACA was written with state-based exchanges as the primary model, and the federal platform was expected to be a temporary solution for most states.

The agency, for example, offers no new encouragement for a state to switch to a state-based model or to preserve SBE status. The agency also proposes making it more expensive for SBEs that want to shift some functions to the federal platform. Some industry observers expect more SBEs will move to the FFE model entirely or move to a partnership model.

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Health Insurance Options for Young Adults

February 01, 2016

Health Insurance, ACA

What are the options for insurance for young adults in the age of Obamacare? Here is brief overview of common options for those of the millennial generation: 

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Coverage

Any young adult who is a full time employee may potentially have access to a group plan that is offered by the employer.  This is normally a desirable option since most employers pay a portion of the employee’s premium.  One of the downfalls to this type of insurance coverage is the group rate could be much higher than an individual would normally pay for themselves.  That is how group coverage works.  It shares the cost of the entire group among all. This type of coverage fulfills the individual mandate. (What is the Individual mandate? In 2014 the Affordable Care Act included a mandate for all most all individuals to have health insurance or pay a penalty for noncompliance.)

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