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Have You Followed Up on Your Block of Business Recently? Here's a Few Reasons Why You Should:

As insurance agents, many of you have either spent years building your block of business or some of you may have just begun. Either way, you have become a trusted source of insurance in many of your client's eyes and that comes with responsibility. You have already exposed them to the consumer market and helped them navigate the treacherous land of insurance, but your job is not done yet. Whether you are a veteran of the trade or a new player, there are many reasons why you should follow up with your book of business.

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The New Year: A Time to Reflect and Look Forward

As 2016 draws to a close, we would like take a look back at what a tremendous year it has been at The Brokerage, Inc. We have met many milestones this year, including celebrating our 40th anniversary. Better yet, we have seen many of our agents meet their professional goals, as well—and we are honored to be a part of that. We have also had the wonderful opportunity to meet many new agents this year. Whether you were new to the insurance field or just new to TBI, we have enjoyed building a partnership with you and hope these new relationships continue to grow in the future.

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What Every Agent Should Know About Submitting an Application

You met with your client, explained to them all of their options, and they decided on a plan. Now what? Now comes the part that for some agents can be the toughest component: filling out and submitting the application. Whether you are filling out an application for Medicare, Life Insurance, Dental, etc., it is extremely important that the application is submitted in good order. Here are 4 tips to be sure your application is processed quickly, and that you get paid as quickly as possible:

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5 Critical Habits of Extremely Successful Agents

April 19, 2016

Insurance, Habits, Successful, Agents

Being a successful agent can be attributed to many different things. We have all met countless agents who have a wonderful charisma, or the agent who seems to know everything, or even the agent who never sleep because they are attending every event, webinar, and client appointment. But what really makes an agent successful? These are all tools and character traits that may contribute to one’s success, but it is often the small day to day habits that propel agents into a position of great professional success. In the wbusiness-insurance-agent.jpgords of Vaibhav Shah, “Whenever you see a successful person, you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them.” Here at the Brokerage, Inc. we are lucky enough to do business with countless extremely successful agents. In order to dive in to discover the key habits to their success, I talked to several of these agents, and here is what I found:

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4 Tax Tips for Insurance Agents

April 11, 2016

Insurance, Agents, 2016, taxes, Tips

To steal a line from Benjamin Franklin, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” No one likes thinking about either, but this time of year it seems near impossible to avoid talking about, reading about, or thinking about taxes. Everyone has their own method to getting their taxes filed. Some use a professional, some have a family member who can help, but most independent agents choose to take the route of saving some money and doing their taxes themselves. As an independent insurance agent, you have several tax deductions that you need to make sure you take advantage of. Here are 4 things to make sure you write off as an insurance agent:

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Is the ACA Worth Discussing Anymore?

Seems like an easy question that could simply be answered with a yes or no answer, right? However, the answer depends on who you are: a consumer, a politician, or a health insurance agent.

The consumer must believe the Affordable Care Act is relevant. About 20 million more Americans now have health insurance than before the law was enacted in 2010. During the last enrollment period 12.7 million signed up, almost 40 percent of those being newcomers. Plus, the ACA still requires people to own a plan to avoid having to pay a penalty - a fee called the “individual shared responsibility payment.” Click here for more details on penalties on penalties.

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Ways Insurance Agents Should be Using Social Media

January 18, 2016

Social Media, Insurance, Marketing, Agents

When you think of the ways you market yourself and your agency, social media may not be the first avenue you consider.  However, with nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide using social networks*, you are missing a huge opportunity if you choose not up jump on board with social media marketing.  See below digital snapshot to see how many people now have internet access, social media accounts, and note over half of the population are using mobile devices to access this information.

Knowing social media can play a key roll is obtaining new clients, how can agents harness this technology?

Here are 4 ways you can grow your business with social media.



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