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2018 Medicare Certification: What You Need to Know!

Tis the season, agents!  No, not the holiday season - it's Medicare Certification time! Most carriers have their certifications available on their portals already. Now's the perfect time to get your certifications done so that you are ready to sell during AEP. Here are a few tips when it comes to certifications:

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Should You Delay Medicare Certifications?

Medicare Advantage carriers are releasing their product certifications.  While some producers might dread certifications, I think of it as an exciting time, like the first day of a new school year.  You have a clean slate, set new goals for the year ahead, and start getting focused on what you need to do to accomplish those goals.  Even though Medicare certifications may not warrant you going to buy new school supplies, there are still incentives to getting them done, and getting them done early:

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