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How to Create a Lasting Relationship with Your Clients

We all appreciate it when somebody with expertise gives us a little hint on ways to save money. When the opposite happens and somebody suggests for you to buy the more expensive item, skepticism enters into your mind. If someone suggests you purchase a less expensive item and then explains why the switch is more beneficial for you, a connection is created between you and the sales associate. Trust has immediately begun to take place and you feel as if the sales associate has your best interest in mind.

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Four Reasons to Follow-Up with Your Clients

Have you ever felt like the job was done once a policy has been approved? It can be easy to forget a client once you’ve checked off all your obligations. Out of sight, out of mind. But neglecting to follow-up with your clients is a huge mistake – one that could fill a gap in your wallet. Sometimes we all need a reminder of the reasons we do the things we do, so I put together a list of a few motives you might have to follow-up with new customers.

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