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Have You Followed Up on Your Block of Business Recently? Here's a Few Reasons Why You Should:

As insurance agents, many of you have either spent years building your block of business or some of you may have just begun. Either way, you have become a trusted source of insurance in many of your client's eyes and that comes with responsibility. You have already exposed them to the consumer market and helped them navigate the treacherous land of insurance, but your job is not done yet. Whether you are a veteran of the trade or a new player, there are many reasons why you should follow up with your book of business.

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Four Reasons to Follow-Up with Your Clients

Have you ever felt like the job was done once a policy has been approved? It can be easy to forget a client once you’ve checked off all your obligations. Out of sight, out of mind. But neglecting to follow-up with your clients is a huge mistake – one that could fill a gap in your wallet. Sometimes we all need a reminder of the reasons we do the things we do, so I put together a list of a few motives you might have to follow-up with new customers.

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How Using a Fact Finder Can Make You a Cross Selling Expert

In the insurance industry, it is very easy for agents to become single-product oriented. Instead of providing a variety of product types such as Medicare, Individual Major Medical, Life Insurance, and Ancillary, most agents find it easier to become an expert in one category and ignore the rest. This, of course, limits the amount of income you stand to make. If you haven't heard the term "cross-selling" preached to you a million times then you have probably been living under a rock. We all KNOW we should cross-sell, but there lies a gap between the intention and the execution. This is where the handy dandy fact-finder comes in.

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