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The New Year: A Time to Reflect and Look Forward

As 2016 draws to a close, we would like take a look back at what a tremendous year it has been at The Brokerage, Inc. We have met many milestones this year, including celebrating our 40th anniversary. Better yet, we have seen many of our agents meet their professional goals, as well—and we are honored to be a part of that. We have also had the wonderful opportunity to meet many new agents this year. Whether you were new to the insurance field or just new to TBI, we have enjoyed building a partnership with you and hope these new relationships continue to grow in the future.

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Introducing Our Featured Partner for June

Here at The Brokerage, we like to choose a different partner each month to be recognized and featured on our website. This month we are proud to feature Bill Izor from SBLI!

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12 Online Resources Every Agent Should be Utilizing

In the last few years, the insurance industry has seen the transition from traditional hands-on and people-driven resources to online and virtual tools. Insurance carriers have rapidly moved away from paper apps with a new focus on e-apps, agent enrollment portals, and drop tickets. Everywhere you look, elements of the industry are turning away from the physical in favor of the digital.

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What Every Agent Should Know About Submitting an Application

You met with your client, explained to them all of their options, and they decided on a plan. Now what? Now comes the part that for some agents can be the toughest component: filling out and submitting the application. Whether you are filling out an application for Medicare, Life Insurance, Dental, etc., it is extremely important that the application is submitted in good order. Here are 4 tips to be sure your application is processed quickly, and that you get paid as quickly as possible:

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Four Apps To Make Your Life Easier

Nowadays, there are thousands of apps that do thousands of things. Have you ever wondered what apps other people are finding useful that you might not be using? Sometimes it can be a challenge to find the right apps to help drive a particular task. I’ve come across a few free apps that I use almost daily.

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