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A Look at Hybrid Long-Term Care

April 09, 2018

Life Insurance

 As Americans trend towards longer life expectancy, the need for long-term care (LTC) greatly increases. However, traditional LTC policies hold significant price increases and broach fear of "wasting" premiums if one dies without needing long-term care.

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Our Top Five Tips to Speeding Up Your Life Insurance Sales

January 26, 2017

Life Insurance

Selling life insurance has often gotten a bad rap for being a slow and arduous process. We are happy to say that there are many techniques you can use to get the application taken and approved quicker than ever. Here are our top five tips to speed up the process:

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5 Life Insurance Underwriting Tips You Need to Know

No two clients are alike. When it comes to writing a life insurance policy this fact can really start to make things complicated for you as an agent. With different rate classes and table ratings, it can often be difficult to determine how a client will be underwritten, and therefore hard to help them choose the most cost-effective plan. On top of rate classes, you have non-med, simplified, graded, and fully underwritten options, which also affect the process. Luckily, you have plenty of options when trying to find a solution for a difficult case.  We have compiled a few tips to make it easier for you, the agent, to find the best solution for even your most complicated cases.

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Is Your Client Getting The Best Bang For Their Buck?

The true sign of a good agent is always putting your client first. We are in this business for the client, after all. Making sure the client gets the best coverage they can afford should always be your top priority. Here are a couple of tips to make sure your client is getting the best bang for their buck when it comes to their health policy.

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12 Online Resources Every Agent Should be Utilizing

In the last few years, the insurance industry has seen the transition from traditional hands-on and people-driven resources to online and virtual tools. Insurance carriers have rapidly moved away from paper apps with a new focus on e-apps, agent enrollment portals, and drop tickets. Everywhere you look, elements of the industry are turning away from the physical in favor of the digital.

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What Every Agent Should Know About Submitting an Application

You met with your client, explained to them all of their options, and they decided on a plan. Now what? Now comes the part that for some agents can be the toughest component: filling out and submitting the application. Whether you are filling out an application for Medicare, Life Insurance, Dental, etc., it is extremely important that the application is submitted in good order. Here are 4 tips to be sure your application is processed quickly, and that you get paid as quickly as possible:

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How to Create a Lasting Relationship with Your Clients

We all appreciate it when somebody with expertise gives us a little hint on ways to save money. When the opposite happens and somebody suggests for you to buy the more expensive item, skepticism enters into your mind. If someone suggests you purchase a less expensive item and then explains why the switch is more beneficial for you, a connection is created between you and the sales associate. Trust has immediately begun to take place and you feel as if the sales associate has your best interest in mind.

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A Matter of Perspective

Simply put, insurance agents work in a world of regulations.  Many, many, many regulations.  You have to be licensed.  You have to maintain that license with continuing education.  You have to certify in multiple areas for multiple products and multiple carriers, in areas as diverse as Fraud, Waste, & Abuse training for life insurance (and other products), special certification for Long Term Care Insurance, AHIP certifications for ACA and Medicare product, carrier Medicare product certifications, etcetera, etcetera.

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Is the ACA Worth Discussing Anymore?

Seems like an easy question that could simply be answered with a yes or no answer, right? However, the answer depends on who you are: a consumer, a politician, or a health insurance agent.

The consumer must believe the Affordable Care Act is relevant. About 20 million more Americans now have health insurance than before the law was enacted in 2010. During the last enrollment period 12.7 million signed up, almost 40 percent of those being newcomers. Plus, the ACA still requires people to own a plan to avoid having to pay a penalty - a fee called the “individual shared responsibility payment.” Click here for more details on penalties on penalties.

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Four Reasons to Follow-Up with Your Clients

Have you ever felt like the job was done once a policy has been approved? It can be easy to forget a client once you’ve checked off all your obligations. Out of sight, out of mind. But neglecting to follow-up with your clients is a huge mistake – one that could fill a gap in your wallet. Sometimes we all need a reminder of the reasons we do the things we do, so I put together a list of a few motives you might have to follow-up with new customers.

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