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Tips for Marketing During the Holidays and Beyond

December 14, 2017


As the curtain closes on another Annual Election Period, we must turn our focus from open enrollment to marketing.  Most people are not thinking about insurance during the holidays, unless you are an insurance agent. As an agent you should always be thinking about how you can continue marketing year round.

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See How This Grassroots Dental Marketing Campaign Can Grow Your Business!

June 02, 2017


Have you ever thought about grassroots marketing as part of your business plan? A dental swarm is a great way to start! Here are some steps to follow for you to get out there today!

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Your Next Step?

February 15, 2016

Selling Year Round, Marketing

Okay, it’s February.  Open enrollments periods for Medicare and ACA product have long since closed.  The bloom is off the rose of most New Year’s resolutions.  And Valentine’s Day is more of a made-up holiday to sell flowers and greeting cards than insurance.  So what does a well-qualified, filled-with-good intentions agent do?

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Are Your Marketing Efforts “Locked-In”?

February 03, 2016


Much has emerged lately of concerns voiced by carriers offering ACA-compliant programs, that various SEPs (Special Election Periods) adversely affect the forecasting of costs, and add to the difficulty of maintaining the profitability necessary for a carrier to continue to offer such plans, particularly through the exchanges.

While the forecasting of costs is obviously a huge factor in determining the viability of plan offerings in any insurance offering, things in the “Medicare world” aren’t exactly the same as in the world of those directly eligible for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.  The Special Election Periods for those on Medicare programs generally have a much longer track record, and allow agents working that market a different track to consider.

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Ways Insurance Agents Should be Using Social Media

January 18, 2016

Social Media, Insurance, Marketing, Agents

When you think of the ways you market yourself and your agency, social media may not be the first avenue you consider.  However, with nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide using social networks*, you are missing a huge opportunity if you choose not up jump on board with social media marketing.  See below digital snapshot to see how many people now have internet access, social media accounts, and note over half of the population are using mobile devices to access this information.

Knowing social media can play a key roll is obtaining new clients, how can agents harness this technology?

Here are 4 ways you can grow your business with social media.



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