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By Henry Ansah • February 22, 2019

Why Should The Brokerage, Inc. Be Your Medicare Insurance Field Marketing Organization?

As one of the nation’s largest Insurance Marketing Organizations, The Brokerage, Inc. provides top tier service to our agents and agency partners in all 50 states. Our Medicare department specializes in supporting agents who focus on the Senior Market and offer Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Part D Prescription Drug plans to consumers.

As your FMO (Field Marketing Organization), The Brokerage, Inc. can help you with every aspect of your career in senior insurance sales, whether you are newly licensed and just getting started, or are a seasoned professional looking to build an agency, get the marketing support you deserve, or simply maintain your book of business.

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What is an IMO (Insurance Marketing Organization) or FMO (Field Marketing Organization)?

Simply put, we are an upline. We hold top level contracts with the country’s largest Medicare plan carriers, as well as life, health, and ancillary carriers. When you make a sale, the carrier pays you the maximum allowable commission directly. That carrier also pays us an override that we use to employ a staff of experienced experts, all here to serve you, our agent. We also reinvest in you in the form of marketing support to get you in front of more prospects and make more sales.

If our agents and agency partners aren’t successful, we aren’t successful, because we don’t have an internal or captive sales force. We will never compete with you, and we will always have your back.

What if I am new to selling insurance?

If you are a new Medicare agent, we can help you develop a business plan, go out in the field and on appointments with you, and introduce you to carrier broker managers who also provide specialized training and sales opportunities. We have “Product Champs” who are in the office waiting to meet with you or take your call. We can help you with grassroots marketing such as developing and maintaining relationships with Primary Care Physicians, Dentist office, and Senior living facilities. We can partner you with an experienced agent who can take you under their wing without taking any of your commissions.

After you get going, and for more experienced insurance agents, we have our own call center that can call through your book of business on your behalf, and schedule appointments for you to get back in front of your clients to offer them additional coverage, such as hospital indemnity, cancer, dental, and final expense insurance. We can also help you take your business to the next level with recruiting support to grow your own agency.

How can The Brokerage, Inc. grow your Medicare business?

We are experts on Medicare, and experts on marketing. One of the biggest challenges in the insurance industry is getting in front of prospects. Our marketing strategies are designed to help you get in front of more people quickly. We utilize a combination of direct mail, social media marketing, and strategic relationships with community influencers to generate real results, get you more sales, and make you more money… all while providing an invaluable service to our clients who are dealing with perhaps the most important aspect of their lives - their health.

Getting started in the insurance industry can be full of hurdles. As your IMO / FMO, The Brokerage, Inc. is here to make sure you’re successful. Make sure to check out the links below to learn more about additional services we offer our agents, such as Brokerage Bucks, *E&O Program offered through The Brokerage (see details below), AHIP reimbursement, lead campaigns, and state of the art technology and quoting engines. You must register to explore the aforementioned links. Register for website access now! 

Put your trust in The Brokerage, Inc. and the sky will be your limit.

*The Brokerage Inc. Errors & Omissions policy: This policy is an umbrella policy under The Brokerage Inc,: Coverage under this policy is limited to; AGENTS ONLY; Agent will need to be active with The Brokerage Inc.; Agent will only have coverage for the carrier (s) that they have an active contract with through The Brokerage Inc.; Agents will have no other Errors & Omissions policies in place; Agencies will not be covered; This policy will not coordinate with any other Errors & Omissions Policy; Coverage is not guaranteed; Agent will need to request coverage under The Brokerage Inc. umbrella policy.