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By Henry Ansah • January 18, 2019

You Enrolled a Client during AEP. Here's How to Follow-Up.

Once you make a sale with a client, helping them understand the enrollment process is critical to both parties' success. A four-point framework was developed to help agents schedule follow ups and engage in the right conversations at the right time.

The Day Three Call: It is best to call your client and thank them for their enrollment three days after the sale. This conversation can include what materials to expect and when those will arrive from the carrier.

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The Day Thirty Call: Thirty days after enrollment, make a call to your client to review what they can do to get the most out of their plan. It's all about outlining the steps to help the beneficiary achieve their health goals. Additionally, there are a bevy of options for each plan; therefore, keep your client at ease by informing them of which benefits they should take advantage of, immediately.

The Day Sixty Call: One month after the initial sale, your client should be familiar with their selected plan. It will be a good time to further discuss advanced benefits and other ways to create value for the plan.

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The Day Ninety Call: As time goes on after enrollment, the focus shifts to client retention. Focus on engaging with their health. Ask about visiting a physician for flu shots, dental and vision exams, cardiovascular disease screenings, and other medical checkups.

Once you have established yourself as a trustworthy agent, it will be an appropriate time to ask for referrals. You can mail referrals compliant information, but you cannot call to follow up. It is a great idea to give your client several business cards to have them pass along to their friends while instructing them to call you for their Medicare needs. (If clients are interested in final expense, life insurance, annuities, or anything besides Medicare, it is acceptable to ask for direct contact information of potential clients.)

Furthermore, schedule a time with your client to discuss other products that may be supplemental to their current plan and medical condition. After 90 days, thank them for their time and let them know you are interested in staying in touch.

Compliance: Our old friend

Compliance should always be a priority for agents. To remain compliant, agents must not:

  • Market the OEP to clients enrolled in or enrolling in a MA plan
  • Target clients to get them to change plans in order to become the agent of record
  • Promote OEP to further your book of business
  • Contact former clients who have enrolled in a new plan during Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)